Les Yeux

Hi, so I am pretty much in love with my eye makeup today! It was so stinkin easy and quick too! -You will have to excuse my red nose- It is cold at my work place today. Also, my hand placement, I have an oh so awful zit that will not cover up if my life depended on it.





I USED  Just the nude color from this pallet its BeautiControl Au Natural . I put it all over my eyes, I also used the lightly frosted one to highlight after.-http://shop.beauticontrol.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10551&productId=73905&langId=-1&parent_category_rn=66106&top_category=

I lined my eyes with just a black pencil eye liner, I think its wet’n’wild.

Then I used a black shadow and a ‘C’ shape then bled it out. The black from this trio is what I used http://shop.beauticontrol.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10551&productId=92904&langId=-1&parent_category_rn=76112&top_category=




OKAY so some of my in-laws sell beauticontrol(very successfully might I add) I have used the product for about 5 years and love love LOVE it! The products are amaze. SO I decided to buy in and start selling it. AND THEN I saw this! Beauticontrol products were used in New York fashion week. Only more reason to use!

Indian Gem

I stumbled upon this little Indian gem called the Spice Hut about a year ago. I knew it was good when I walked in and saw every table full with old fat East Indian men and woman. And boy was I right. Some would say its pricey but it’s totally cheaper than most Indian places. If you think about all the work that goes into it, it is totally worth it. They also have roti on the menu, which most Indian places only have naan.
Now, if you do happen to go there, go with an open mind. It is a whole in the wall. The service is not the greatest, but if you can get over all that. The food is worth it. I ordered the Saag paneer which I almost always order when I go for Indian, which is Harleys favorite. And Roti, of course. Yes I am going on a diet but not till Monday. -HA! of course, diets always are.

(403) 274-7687

6554 – 4th Street NE Map.b119e16
Calgary, AB T2K6G9


Diet Time

Alright…It is time. I am going on a diet. An extremely strict diet in fact. HCG. Image

 I have done this diet before and it has worked great. But its like once I make the decision to do it again I spiral downward by eating everything I can think of because ‘I’m just going on a diet again so what does it matter’. But that just makes me get into a dark place of feeling like poo and fitting nothing, not to mention that it is way more for me to loose. UGH! Just writing about this is bumming me out. I think that maybe too I almost need to get to this point to even go on this diet. Is that sick or what?
  So! I will be blogging how much I loose, what I am eating, and how I am feeling. I will not be posting my starting weight. Mostly because my mom is pretty much the only one at this point who follows my blog, and the thought of her face if she reads how much I weigh is ultra depressing to me. She’s always been like “you know when I was pregnant with you I only weighed 160 lbs.” But I am 5″8. I think she is 5”3, so that is a big difference. However I will be posting how much I loose or have lost. Not inches or sizes or anything like that… that is way to much effort.
–No offence to my mommy! She is my best friend and love her so.

Feels important HA

This morning was ground breaking. Part of my everyday routine is getting my coffee before I go to work at the 14th Starbucks. Today, for the first time I walked up to give them my order and they said “Jordann right? Venti lactaid americano misto?” with the cup in their hand about to set it down. All I had to do was nod my head and hand them money. But of course I thanked them!